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Supreme Court Rules 2074, You can also read newly amended Supreme Court Regulations 2017 as published in rajpatra. supreme court rules 2078.

Supreme Court Rules

To prepare and publish a weekly court cause list and submit a daily cause list to the Full Bench for the purpose of the rounding process (गोला प्रक्रिया).

Cause List and Cases Management: The composition of the bench for the hearing of the case registered in the court and the determination of the cause list shall be done through a rounding process.

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Supreme Court Rules 2074

supreme court rules 2074
supreme court rules 2074 with new amendment

Supreme Court Rules Second Amendment 2078

The Second Amendment of Supreme Court Rules in 2078 has reduced the discretionary powers of the Chief Justice.

Supreme Court (Second Amendment) Rules 2078

Since it was necessary to amend the Supreme Court Rules, 2074, The Supreme court (second amendment) rules 2078 were amended according to the Rights given by Article 11 of the Supreme Court Act, 2048.

The Supreme Court has made the following amendment in the rules:

1. Abbreviated Name and Commencement:

  • The name of these rules is “Supreme Court (Second Amendment) Rules, 2078.
  • These rules will be commenced as per the decision of Full Bech of the Supreme court by publishing the information in the Nepal Gazette.

2. Amendment to Rule 2 of the Supreme Court Rules, 2074:

  • The “Cause List Management Directing Committee” means the committee according to Rule 110b.
  • Cause List ‘means weekly cause list, Full Case List, and daily cause list.

3. Amendment to Rule 8 of main rule: The Following Clauses are added,

  • To Prepare & Publish Court’s Weekly Cause List Daily Cause, List For the purpose of rounding process and to be submitted to the full bench.

There are many other rules that had been amended in the new supreme court (second amendment) rules 2078, Please read the full rules above.

The new amendment is published in Nepal Rajpatra.

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