Supreme Court of Nepal

supreme court of nepal
Supreme Court of Nepal

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Nepal is the highest court of justice in the country and serves as the final court of appeal for all legal disputes. This means that any cases that have been through the lower courts and have not been resolved can be brought before the Supreme Court for a final ruling.

The court is composed of a chief justice and other justices, who are appointed by the President of Nepal on the recommendation of the Judicial Council, a body responsible for the administration of justice in the country.

The Supreme Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction, which means that it can hear both new cases and appeals from lower courts. It also has the power to interpret the Constitution of Nepal, and its decisions are final and binding on all other courts in the country. In addition, the court has the power to review its own decisions, which allows it to correct any errors that may have been made in previous rulings.

One of the key responsibilities of the Supreme Court is to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens are protected and that the rule of law is upheld. This is essential for maintaining a stable and just society, and for ensuring that all citizens have equal access to justice.

The court is located in Ramashah Path, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and is open to the public for all proceedings. The court also has a number of specialized benches, including a Constitutional Bench, which deals specifically with cases related to Constitutional and fundamental freedoms.

Overall, the Supreme Court of Nepal plays a vital role in the country’s legal system, and its decisions have a significant impact on the lives of citizens and the development of the nation as a whole.

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Full Judgement and Orders

You can view online the full judgments, orders, and decisions of the supreme court of Nepal.

For the officiality of such judgment or order, It needs to be certified by the concerned court.

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