Election Code of Conduct 2078 | निर्वाचन आचार संहिता

The Election Commission Nepal (Nepali: निर्वाचन आयोग नेपाल) has Prepared and published a code of conduct for the upcoming local level election in Nepal for the year 2079.

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Election Code of Conduct 2078

Election Commission’s Election Code Of Conduct (Nepali: निर्वाचन आचार संहिता) will be effective Immediately in Nepal. Here are some key points.

This Code of Conduct applies to the following persons, Institutions, Bodies, and Officers:

  • Government of Nepal and Ministers of the Government of Nepal
  • State Government and Minister of State Government
  • Constitutional body and officials of that body
  • Bodies of state government and officials of those bodies
  • Local executive and its members
  • Union, state, and local level employees
  • Security agencies and security personnel
  • Offices and employees of government, semi-government and public institutions
  • Political parties and fraternal organizations of parties
  • Candidate and candidate’s representative
  • Political Parties and Candidates vote-counting representatives
  • A person holding a public Post
  • Monitoring committee officials and monitors
  • Supervision Institution and Supervisor
  • Private and non-governmental organizations, including their officials and employees
  • Community schools or Universities operated with a grant from the Government of Nepal, including teachers and staff
  • Voters
  • Development partner organization
  • The staff of Projects runs by the government and semi-government bodies
  • An organization conducting voter education programs or its employees
  • Private sector banks and financial institutions, cooperatives, commercial and industrial Areas, including office bearers, staff, and workers
  • Officials, employees, and workers of goods and services providers
  • Other bodies or persons designated by the Commission

निर्वाचन आचार संहिता

Code of Conduct that everyone should follow:

  • No election-related rallies or publicity should be held in the area of any government office or community university or school area.
  • No Election-related campaigns should be done using religious places.
  • Candidates or political parties shall not spend beyond the limit fixed by the Commission.
  • Symbolic materials such as clothes, caps, stickers, etc with the election symbol of any candidate or political party shall not be allowed to use, sell or display.
  • Employees shall not be transferred, promoted, or deputed except for election purposes.
  • Voters shouldn’t accept gifts or exchange any other goods from/with candidates, political parties, employees, or other people.
  • Candidates should open an account in a bank or financial institution while incurring election-related expenses
  • In the election campaign, Public Meetings, rallying people less than 18 years old should not be used in any circumstances.
  • No publicity about the candidate through mediums like Online web pages, TV scrolling, shopping mall displays, call center operations, ATM counters, etc.
  • No propaganda should be done in the name of any religion.
  • Candidates and their families should not be intimidated, threatened, or threatened in any way.
  • No propaganda or solicitation of votes to spread communal hatred
  • Voters should not be transported using any vehicle allowed for any political party or candidate.
  • The vehicles permitted to be used only in specified locations should not be used in other places.
  • Political parties must submit the names of two main preachers to the Commission on their behalf for publicity, and only the Chief Preacher allowed by the Commission may use the helicopter service.
  • At the polling station, the representative of the political party or the candidate should not wear the election symbol or vote sign, or interest.
  • At the polling station / of any political party or candidate Should not wear, carry or show identical uniforms and accessories.
  • Do not carry a flammable solid or liquid, mobile, camera with you when going to the polls.
  • No drugs or alcohol should be consumed while going to the polls.
  • Not to spread false rumors, misleading news, or obstruct the voter’s intent to go to the polls.

Update Regarding Election Code of Conduct

As the Local Level Election 2079 is completed, the Election Commission Nepal released information regarding the decision of the Election Code of Conduct 2078 not to be in effect from 2079/2/10.

Election Commission Nepal Release
Election Commission Nepal Release

Election Commission Nepal has published information regarding, the Election Code of Conduct which was issued in accordance with subsection (2) of section 1 of the Election Code of Conduct, 2075, issued using the authority given by Article 22 of the Election Commission Act, 2073, for the local level election 2079 will no longer be applicable from 2079/02/10.

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