Social Security Fund (SSF) | Register Social Security Fund in Nepal

The Social Security Fund Nepal (SSF) was established and is being regulated by the Social Security Act, 2018 (2075) to provide employment security and stability to Nepalese Citizens.

Social Security Fund (SSF)

Social Security is being operationalized in terms of three broad categories of people to be targeted.

  1. indigenous people and ethnic groups
  2. Downtrodden and oppressed community
  3. Helpless, disabled and senior citizens.

Social Security programs are often termed as “safety nets” for the poorest of the people.

Register SSF in Nepal

Employes need to register themselves for Social Security Fund (SSF) in Nepal to get Employment Security and to enjoy other benefits of SSF.

Social Security Fund in Nepal

SSF Office is located at M8VG+C2 Kathmandu.

SSF Website: Click Here to Visit

Address (Plus Code): M8VG+C2 Kathmandu

Phone: 01-5970016

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